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Vecademy Study Abroad Consulting (VESAC) connects students with world-class education opportunities around the globe. Whether you want to pursue a diploma, a degree, or a certificate program, VESAC can help you find the best fit for your career goals and budget. You can choose from over 200 partner universities in more than 50 countries across America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

VESAC also provides guidance and support for visa applications, scholarships, accommodation and more. With VESAC, you can access quality education and boost your career prospects in any field of your interest.

Let us help you connect to the right university programs that will unlock your career potential!

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Vecademy Study Abroad Consulting

Your Gateway to Global Academic Possibilities

Discover, evaluate, choose and sign up for the best university programs for your budget fit- hassle-free. Let us help you to get the best value and right match for your education pursuit- let us facilitate the Visa procedure for you through our experienced professionals.

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"Studying abroad is one of the best decisions i've ever made! I appreciate the advanced training and technologies  my university offers for my program. Vecademy's study abroad service helped me to find this program, apply for admission, and even assisted with visa and immigration procedures. They are very skilled and supportive- i am glad to be part of this new family, culture and university experience. I highly recommend VESAC."

Eric Nana, Computer Science- Bachelor's Program


Career Counseling

Vecademy Study Abroad Consultancy (VESAC) focuses on providing students with high-quality counseling with a human touch. We assess students' needs, compare market demands, and then recommend the best alternative for them before making any recommendations. 


Country / University & Course Selection

If you want to study abroad, choosing the right courses is even more pertinent. You must make a decision based on your interests and goals before applying for studies abroad. When it comes to studying abroad, the advisors first narrow down the universities that are most suited to your interests and profile. 


Assessment for your Cash

International education is costly, and this concerns the majority of students; however, we assist students in applying early for scholarships to help them in obtain the necessary funding to support their higher education.


Application Process

Students believe that filling out an application form is difficult but important because it is the first document they will use to communicate with the university. 


Documents Preparation

Documentation are important in obtaining admission, therefore submitting the correct documents ensures that your visa gets approved. 


Visa Application

We will guide and support you throughout the entire visa process for a smooth and successful application and transition.

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